About the artist

"Life is basically full of funny things. Only that we ignore them overlook them because we are too busy or things are just common for us." ( Yogi Setyawan)


Yogi Setyawan, born in Magelang, Indonesia in 1974


Yogi Setyawan is an artist who has progressed in style and technical capability through hard work and dedication towards his practice. This is an artist who pours his heart,soul,mind and strenght into his works.


Yogi Setyawan studied fine art form 1994-2004 at acclaimed art academy in Yogjakarta (Institut Seni Indonesia Yogjakarta -ISI). During this time, Yogi was extremely priveleged to learn under the tutelage of Indonesian master of art: Widayat ( b.1923d.2002) who is respected as a great artist, a great teatcher and an indispensable figure in Indonesian art history. Many addressed Widayat during his lat years as "EMPU" or ''BEGAWAN" meaning " THE GREAT TEATCHER". Like many great artist, it is not just how famous you are but also howmuch you have touched, inspired ans motivated other people in your life. Widayat certainly touched, inspired and motivated Yogi Setyawan. With Widayat"s mentorship, Yogi Setyawan honed truly expectional technical abilities and nurtured ad exitingsence of creativity and freedom of expression,wich hecan call his own. Yogi Setyawan has had considerable experience in the Indonesian art scene where he has been involved in an extensive number of exhebitions. Yogi Setyawan has now launched himself on the international platform in the artworld, whereby he will reach a bigger and more international audience. His art has already enriched so many lives, but now has the potential to enrich so many more, and essentially bring joy and laughter to as many people as possible around the world.


"I hope my work makes people laugh......maybe at themeselves too."( Yogi Setyawan),2008


This is an extremely hardworking and talented artist who also has a wonderful character and sence of humour all this transmits into the sophistication and edge of his works of art Dr.Oei Hong Dijen,renowned and highly acclaimed collector of Indonesian art, has fully ledged his support and admiration for Yogi Setyawan. Dr Oei Hong Djien is someone who has that rare expeptional ability to humbly spot a great artist in the making. As an indication of Yogi Setyawan"s potential, Dr. Oei Hong Djien has so aptly stated that : "Yogi Setyawan has already established his brand. But this is just the beginning". ( Dr.Oei Hong Djien,2009)


Krisstel Martin, Singapore